California Dreaming

I love living in the CA where the days are warm, skies are blue, and the beach is minutes away. It was a crazy 78 degrees today and everyone was feeling it. It’s February, people! But I love seeing folks riding bikes, playing in their yards, dancing at bus stops. Yes, I said dancing at bus stops, this is California people!

This series of images is my ultimate favorite dream: the warm sands of the beach, the vintage Squareback VW, and the ruffled white cotton quilts. This is my idea of pure heaven.

California Dreaming

Rivulets Bedding, Cream
$68 –

Steve Madden high heels
$130 –

Roberta Roller Rabbit beach tote
$85 –

Long dangle earrings
$36 –


We haven’t towed the Lincoln YET

We are the proud owners of a 1968 Lincoln Continental. While it’s not as perfect as the car shown below, it is red and has yet to be towed. That’s a fact that the XBOXer is rather proud of. Someday when the car’s in better shape we might even take it on a road trip. And I’ll be looking good in the pencil skirt and driving gloves.

We haven't towed the Lincoln YET

D&g shoes
$233 –

Polka dot glove
$60 –

Vintage Carnival

I’m on vacation right now! The bummer is that I don’t have the money to really go anywhere. So I’m dreaming of the best vacation days and planning fabulous outfits around them. A girl can dream!

Vintage Carnival

2 Lips Too blue wedge heels
$50 –

Friis Company pocket bag
€43 –

Retro bag

Lokalwear coral jewelry
€18 –

American Apparel summer sun hat
$38 –

NARS – Duo Eyeshadow
$34 –

IS Photography – Carrousel Carrousel
$30 –