Five essential coats for Fall, for realz.

Srsly ladies.

I have been checking out some other blogs with exactly the same title as this one and been disappointed with what I’ve found. For example: One such post suggested that the five essential coats were essentially the same beige trench coat with slight variations. Mmm YEAH.

So here is MY list of the five essential coats for fall!

The black boyfriend blazer. I crack up a little that they call this the boyfriend blazer because really it’s just a longer chick blazer or maybe more like a blazer from the 80s without all of the obnoxious shoulder pads and a little more fitted. Regardless, it goes with everything. Throw that sucker on over jeans, boots and a white t-shirt and you are totally ready for work especially if you work for a cool company like I do. And shiny jeans, ‘nuf said.

Silence Noise Ex-Boyfriend Blazer Urban-Outfitters

Silence Noise Ex-Boyfriend Blazer Urban-Outfitters

2. Plaid moto jacket. I hunted and hunted and the best example online is this one from a website in the UK. How can it be that something so cool can only be found overseas?! That is so many shades of wrong. I almost refuse to believe it. I found mine at a second-hand clothing store. Super lucky find! Regardless, this jacket works over black jeans, with a maxi skirt, LBD or whatever.


If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap.

3. Flirty trench. I call it a flirty trench because it needs to either be fit-and-flare or have a ruffled hem or some other quirky quality. The trench below is certainly drool worthy and may be coming out of my next paycheck. Look at the lil’ kick pleats, just LOOK at ’em.

Bebe fit and flare trench - dare to look like a million bucks.

Bebe fit and flare trench – dare to look like a million bucks.

4. Knit moto jacket. Think cropped biker jacket made from jersey or fleece or other knit. They are all over the fashion market this year and shouldn’t be hard to find. This one is from Nordy’s and is fully fabulous. You can wear it with jeans (obvs) or serious-up a summer dress for Fall.

Nordstrom's knit moto jacket, go out and buy it right now, people!

Nordstrom’s knit moto jacket, go out and buy it right now, people!

5. Wild card jacket. You need something to walk the dog in, right? Screw all the fashionistas that say we need to look like sassy trendsters all the time! Bring out your inner ninja with this sweatshirt from Cry Wolf Clothing. I’m wearing my inner ninja right now.

This bunny kicks ass.

This bunny kicks ass.


Work outfit for Fall – my uniform

Work outfit

Dsquared2 jacket

James Jeans jacket

Paige Denim jeans
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