There’s a reason Dog is God spelled backwards.

It’s been three weeks since Mojo died. In that time, we’ve grieved heartily and started on the path to loving our new puppy. We laugh, we cry, we cuddle Joey, we miss Mojo.

Through all of this, I can’t seem to stop thinking about what this experience is teaching me on a spiritual level.

Ohhhh religion, run for the hills!!!

I’m not going to talk about religion, people. I was raised in religion, steeped in it like a teen-aged-size tea bag. My mom was a pastor for a large portion of my life – so I get religion. I think I can say I’m beyond religion. And I’m not trying to upset any readers that might love their religion. To each his own, I say.

No, I’m talking about what I BELIEVE. Spiritually, ‘n stuff. I’ve always believed in God. Although this year has made me rework how God operates. When I was growing up, I thought that God was this single entity with a big director’s microphone, calling the shots. The longer I live and the more I see of tragedy and loss, I definitely don’t believe there is a deity up there directing anything.

Let’s face it. The concept of God is a human construct. And us humans, we are flawed, flawed, flawed. So I don’t think there is anything at all wrong with figuring out your own spiritual beliefs.

It’s not like you have to pick from one of the 52 flavors of religion and then live with it. You can MAKE. YOUR. OWN. Wow. Look at Scientology… Just sayin’.

After the events of this year, I truly believe in randomness as a universal principle. Bad shit happens. And sometimes more than once to the same person. There’s no reason behind it other than pure randomness. God is not directing this shit.

As far as God is concerned, I am starting to think that the only part of God we can understand is love. In our spirits’ pure form, we are all love. Love connects us in the form of compassion and caring. It connects us to our friends, our families, the earth, to animals, to everything. Love lives in us and lives on after we die.

Toward this idea, I believe that dogs are the embodiment of love. They are God manifest in animal helper form. (That’s not to say that I don’t acknowledge that there are some broken dogs out there who would chew off your face in trade for a lamb chop. But most of those dogs were broken by people.)

The experiences that people have with how their dogs love them is mind-boggling. You see it everywhere: from the dog who cried and cried upon his owner’s return from a tour of duty, to the posts of people who have lost their dogs and are as heartbroken as I was. Stories of dogs saving human lives, dogs savings other dogs, dogs nursing kittens and squirrels.

Let’s face it: Dogs are freakin’ amazing, people! (I had no idea, because I used to be a cat person.)

I’m thinking there’s a reason that Dog is God spelled backwards. I think that’s supposed to be a clue for us dumb humans.

Dogs are love, God is love, and when a dog passes away, they return to the love pool that is God. When you remember your sweet dogs that have passed away, I’m sure you can still feel the love. I know I can.

Before I came to this realization, my kids told me that they were praying to Mojo. Not praying FOR Mojo, but TO him. I wasn’t sure what to do with this except accept it. Maybe they know what they are talking about.

Now I find myself praying to Mojo too, every once in a while.

Dear Mojo, I miss you and love you. I feel you with me all the time. …. Amen.


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