Choosing life: a new puppy to honor our late dog Mojo

The death of Mojo has been very hard. But in the midst of all the sadness I am incredibly grateful for the lessons and graces that have popped up all over the place.

First, my relationship with my boyfriend has had some definite ups and some serious downs. I’ve never really been sure that he could be there for me when the going got tough. The death of Mojo rocked both of us to the core. Seeing Mike crying his heart out, while holding me, and then following it up with honest and loving conversations has brought our relationship to a new level of lovingness. I know now without a doubt when the going gets tough Mike will be 150% by my side, saying and doing the right things. He is an honorable, gentle, loving man. I feel like love is Mojo’s legacy.

Toward that end, we decided to honor the love and sweet energy Mojo brought us by getting another puppy. After searching the entire state of California for a mixed pug puppy, we finally found one in Bakersfield through Central Coast Pug Rescue.  It’s pretty hard to find true puppies these days unless you go to a breeder and we did not want to support that process. We were so very lucky that a rescue organization had puppies and had them in a mix, not the pure breed. It was meant to be.

Bakersfield is about a four hour drive from San Jose, but we gassed up the car, stopped briefly only at the rest stops and made it there in record time. There was a PetSmart and a Subway near where we were meeting the rescue lady Marsha so we were able to stock up on supplies for humans and puppy alike.

The puppy was so tiny! He could fit in the palm of my hand.

Joey is super tiny as you can see

The puppy is super small as you can see

Naming him has been tough. We have very strict criteria:

  • The name has to be able to end in a Y sound: such as Binky or Timmy
  • The name must have a one syllable version: such as Boo for Boomer
  • The name must have a variable that can be repeated: such as CeCe for Celeste

Most names can’t stand up to such stringent rules. I think we’ve settle on the name Joey (Joe, JoJo, Little Jo) even though I dated a guy named Joey once and I think that unsettles Mike a little. 😉  The name Joey feels right though. After all, it is the second half of Mojo’s name but a totally different name at the same time.

Joey already loves his daddy.

Joey already loves his daddy.

I surprised my kids by putting Joey into my purse when I picked them up from school. I didn’t say anything about the puppy head that kept popping out of my bag. It took quite a while for them to notice what was happening and then pure puppy joy erupted. I thought my daughter Lucy was going to pee her pants for sure.

Driving home from Bakersfield.

Driving home from Bakersfield.

Joey is a super sweet little guy. And he is doing what we had hoped: bringing joy to our souls.


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